• Check Out this Proposal for a Cool Park Adapted from an Old Oil Depot

    From Time Out NY:

    When it comes to cool-looking parks, New York City could be on track to becoming the world leader in cutting-edge green space design. First, there was the Pier 55 island park on the far West Side of Manhattan, which is slated for a 2018 opening; now, Williamsburg is getting in on the act. Maybe.

    Maker Park, as its proponent’s call it, is alternative proposal to Bushwick Inlet Park, a plan to redevelop a stretch of industrial waterfront between Williamsburg and Greenpoint. The notion has been kicking around since 2005, but only now has the city acquired the last parcel of land needed to go ahead with transforming the former Bayside Oil Depot into 28 sylvan acres of trees and grass. Rather than a more or less conventional approach to greening the site, the Maker Park project is notable for its reuse of the existing architecture, meaning the giant storage tanks currently occupying the Bayside lot.

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  • Renderings Revealed for Adaptive Reuse Maker Park Along the Williamsburg Waterfront

    From 6sqft:

    Plans for Bushwick Inlet Park, a 28-acre open space along an unused industrial stretch of the Williamsburg waterfront, first came about in 2005, when the Bloomberg administration rezoned the area to allow for new residential development in exchange for the open space. Fast forward to last week, and the city finally acquired the last piece of land for the project, the controversial Citistorage site. Now that the park is on its way to becoming a reality, a trio of grassroots creatives hopes to bring their alternative vision for the former Bayside Oil Depot site to the forefront. Maker Park is the proposal to adaptively reuse this seven-acre parcel’s architectural infrastructure–namely the ten 50-foot decommissioned fuel containers–and create a “park as creative as the neighborhood around it.” The Architect’s Newspaper recently revealed the first set of renderings, which showcase performance venues, art galleries, hanging gardens, reflecting pools, and an adventure playground.

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  • New Park Unveiled for Controversial Williamsburg Waterfront Site

    From Architects Newspaper:

    The development team behind Maker Park has released new renderings for an inventive green space that grows from industrial relics on the Brooklyn waterfront.

    With this design, and last week’s announcement that the city will buy a critical strip of vacant land to complete a large riverside park, it seems the wheels are finally starting to turn on the waterfront’s conversion to parkland, a process that began in response to a 2005 Williamsburg-Greenpoint rezoning that produced more luxury condos than public space.

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  • As Bushwick Inlet Park Advances, ‘Maker Park’ is Envisioned as Part of the Puzzle

    From Curbed:

    Last week saw a huge step forward for Williamsburg’s planned Bushwick Inlet Park: the city finally acquired the contested Citistorage site, after a long period of negotiations with owner Norman Brodsky, for $160 million. Now that the parcel of land is in hand, the city can begin to move forward on its promise to bring a 28-acre park to the neighborhood, which has been in the works since the 2005 rezoning of the waterfront.

    Several neighborhood groups, led by the Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park, have been keeping pressure on the city to bring the promised green space to Williamsburg and Greenpoint. And now, with the news that the park may really, truly be happening, one group is hoping to bring more attention to what it’s calling Maker Park, an “alternative design plan” for one portion of the site.

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  • Maker Park Envisions a Public Creative Space in Bushwick Inlet Park

    From GreenPointers:

    While the city is still 11 acres away from fulfilling its promise to deliver all 28 acres of Bushwick Inlet Park, it took a 7 acre step in the right direction this year by purchasing the remaining parcel of the Bayside Fuel Property. With it came ten 50ft tall cylindrical iron fuel containers and a three story brick building, which the city intends to demolish in favor of flat open space. But will that be an end of an opportunity to repurpose these structures and integrate them into the landscaping of the park? The founders of Maker Park think so and want to start a conversation with the wider-community about adaptively reusing these structures in a way that serves the creative ethos of North Brooklyn.

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  • Maker Space Suggested As An Alternative to Williamsburg Waterfront Park

    From Curbed:

    As plans for a 28-acre park along the Williamsburg waterfront continue to languish, an alternative idea has emerged to transform the former industrial area along Bushwick Inlet. DNAinfo spoke with the developers behind Maker Park — a plan to redevelop a plot along the inlet into a space for artists and greenhouses.

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  • Disparate Visions for a Park: Dismantle Industrial Ruins, or Preserve Them

    From the Times:

    New York City abhors a vacuum. And, in some ways, the scraggly parkland along the Bushwick Inlet in Brooklyn, pocked with industrial ruins and warehouses where a 28-acre park was to be born, is exactly that. It is a hole in the cityscape, waiting to be filled.

    So it makes sense that as the city continues to struggle to make good on a more than decade-old promise to develop the park — stymied by its inability to acquire all the necessary land and slowed by the laborious process of cleaning up the area’s legacy of industrial grime — a competing idea has arisen, sprouting through the cracks in the process like weeds through a sidewalk…

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